Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life After Death? Let's See

A study from the Journal of Medical Ethics finds that atheist or agnostic doctors are nearly twice as likely to advise on end-of-life care as those who are religiously devout. Kind of ironic that those least likely to believe in life after death would be more likely to advise pulling the plug.

Why Bullies bully from the Bully Point of View

Scientists must be running out of things to research or perhaps their own childhood experiences made them curious. From this study it appears bullies come from dysfunctional families and pick on others who are already unpopular in order to "fit in" better. Kind of reminds me of an old boss of mine who had no obvious skills other than being the college buddy of the company founder.

A Testing Toilet

A toilet that can test your health by taking your blood pressure, temperature and weight and analyzing your urine. I wonder if there's a voice that tells you to eat more fiber or if you won't pass a drug test.